Celtia, My Love

Consumption of alcohol in Tunisia has been rising steadily over the past few years. Some believe this is due to Tunisians’ disillusionment about their country since the 2011 revolution.

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Celtia, My Love

The consumption of alcohol in Tunisia is a cultural tradition that stretches back centuries, and one that seems unaffected by social or religious values. With an Islamist party in power following the revolution, and as support for Salafism rose in the country, many thought that alcohol consumption would be restricted or declined. Instead, consumption (of beer in particular) has increased—this despite severe government taxes that have in some cases led to price rises of 70 percent.

SFBT (Société de Fabrication des Boissons de Tunisie), brewers of the country’s most popular beer brand, Celtia, reported steadily rising sales in 2013, despite increased prices and taxes. The company said it was struggling to meet the demand for beer locally, and forecast an increase of 20-25 percent in production.

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