Maryam's World

Maryam is divorced, the mother of twins, runs the family insurance firm, and leads an active social life. She is part of a growing, well-to-do Moroccan middle-class, setting new codes of behavior.

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Maryam's World

Despite the unfavorable international economic climate in the early 2010s, and a disruptive domestic political situation, the Moroccan economy continued a development that had been in place since early in the century. Part of this involved a move away from dependence on agriculture, and a gradual diversification into other sectors. The greatest beneficiaries of these changes are those who own real estate, as well as major investors in tourism or industry. Morocco has seen a steep rise in individual fortunes. The country has a burgeoning middle class, though some argue that in recent years middle-classes have been feeling the effect of rising prices of basic commodities, and that the greater wealth is focused on old families with powerful contacts, and the newly rich with profitable connections. A new upper class is taking hold of the reins of consumption, bringing with it new codes of behavior and sets of status symbols, and changing traditional values in a kingdom where social position was once ancestrally based.

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